Not just US bitemark cases under scrutiny…

So there has been an overwhelming number of wrongful conviction cases from the US – but to suppose that this is a US based problem would be wrong.  There is the fact that the US is a large country and has an active innocence movement – it doesn’t mean that the US justice system is worse than any other.
p03-151231-web photoA recent case from Taiwan demonstrates this.  A 2000 case of a man (Lu) convicted of murdering his girlfriend (Kuo) was recently overturned following DNA testing.  His original conviction was based largely on bitemark evidence:

Prosecutors said the bite mark on Kuo’s left breast was a “love bite” by Lu, and a coroner’s report said the mark conformed to features of Lu’s teeth.

The recently tested DNA evidence shows that Lu was not responsible.

You can read the full story here.

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