Senn on NPR

Click above or on the play button below to hear yet another interview with David Senn as he is rolled out to defend bitemarks.  This interview of NPR is in response to the Steven Chaney case:

It really is quite soporific to listen to, but it does present one of the more cautious versions of Senn’s BM storey.  We know that he has swam against the tide, with many observers becoming more cautious with time, we know that he is becoming increasingly evangelistic about the evidence since his 2007 NAS presentation (see below)

Take a listen and then watch his performance in DC where he steadfastly did not address any of the questions posed to him but instead sought to invoke emotion and come up with two cases that established “innocence” and ignored that fact that he and the ABFO recently refused to help in the Danny Hill case – a case where it is clear that the evidence is not a bitemark and yet a man sits in jail largely convicted on this evidence and the testimony of ABFO experts.


Download (PPT, 155KB)



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