Our Work

We provide the full spectrum of odontology services.  These include human identification, aging of found human remains, bitemark case assessments and working with cases of child, elder and spousal abuse.

We provide services to range of organisations including police forces, Crown Prosecution Service, solicitors, hospitals and child and vulnerable adult protection teams.  We are also involved in training and education to these groups not least through the National Policing Improvement Agency – NPIA.

The identification of found human remains, where visual identification is not possible, remains the most frequently provided service by odontologists worldwide.

Human identifications are typically provided to Coroner’s services in the North West.  We can attend mortuaries across the United Kingdom, however it is more usual to employ a local forensic dentist.  You can find one close to you at the BAFO website here.  Human identifications are typically carried out when bodies are

  • Grossly decomposed
  • Traumatised – for example following a road traffic accident
  • Fragmented
  • Burnt – either by heat or chemicals
  • Skeltonised
  • or otherwise not viewable.

If you need an identification please call the number provided on the left hand side.  When you hear the welcome menu simply press “3” on your phone and you will automatically be directed to the on call forensic dentist.

If you need a bitemark case assessed or if you need bitemark evidence collected – please call us for more information.  We routinely provide bitemark evidence for both CPS and defence teams – please contact us if we can provide anything further.  Our typical turn around times are 10 – 15 days for bitemark reports.  Quotes, CVs and time frames for reports as well as Court availability can be provided via email within a few hours. You can download an indicative fee guide here.

If you require other specialist odontology advice – please email us for a prompt reply. Our contact details are provided on the left hand side.